A denture is a removable device that replaces teeth that have been lost due to accidents or natural causes, they are normally used by older people because they still have their teeth over the years.

What are Dentures

Dentures are false teeth that are made to replace the teeth you have lost. Complete dentures cover the entire upper or lower dental jaw. Partial dentures replace one or only some teeth.

Dentures can produce a strange sensation at first. Talking and eating may feel different. Be careful when using dentures because they can make it difficult to perceive hot foods and liquids. Also, you may not notice biting a bone in your food.

Complete Dentures

Complete or partial dentures are what is known, more colloquially, as dentures. These dentures can be of two types, complete or partial dentures. In the medical environment they are known as removable dentures.

Types of Dentures

There are different types of dentures for all types of oral problems, here I bring you the different types of dentures

Fixed dentures

It is indicated in cases where only a small number of dental pieces need to be replaced. They are cemented in the teeth that are around the edentulous area – without teeth – which are called pillar teeth.

In order for this treatment to be prescribed, the abutment teeth must be healthy and have good support in the maxillary bone.

Dentomucosupported Denture

They are those dentures whose support is fixed in the teeth that are around the edentulous area, the bone and the mucosa of the gum.

Dentomucosupported dentures have a kind of hooks that help hold and not present any movement that bothers when using it.


The only support for these dentures are the bone and the gum mucosa. These types of dentures help to completely restore the masticatory function to those patients who do not have any dental pieces, in addition to restoring the security of smiling without any problem.

How to Clean a Denture

In the mouth there are numerous bacteria. They live in colonies that grow in environments where there is not much hygiene. They are to blame for diseases such as halitosis – bad breath. But it is even necessary to pay more attention to a clean mouth if you wear a denture. The reason? Avoid possible infections.

The most advisable to clean the dentures well is to wash it with antibacterial soap (available in pharmacy) every time you eat some type of food. It is not recommended to clean them with toothpastes, or with a toothbrush: they are very abrasive and can scratch the dentures.

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